28 March, 2012

I have been thinking a lot last night when I had to sleep but I couldn't.
you know what?
I think, All of I did and all the things that I have were wasted, because hey..he never likes me.
I never think about this before, and when I did it breaks me apart.
All of this time, I always believe that he likes me, or at least used to like me and maybe that's the reason why I never be able to forget him for over a year. It is simply because I always have insisted that he would actually go back to me. That feeling or belief is the one that makes me stuck in my past. But I realized, what if he never likes me? what if all of this time he lies? hence, it makes me look so stupid by waiting for someone that wont ever like me.
So all of my efforts and feelings were wasted just like that? WTF.