20 March, 2012

Dear Christine

Dear cebski,

My dearest friend, Christine. Okay I know this sounds so not me but... okay, I am gonna miss you chris. I hope you don't leave, and stay here in Bali, so everytime I got back, I can always see you. But I know it's kinda impossible, that's why it saddens me.
Remember when I first text you? You were so cold, and you get me mad! oh well, you are suppose to be kind to a new friend,aren't you? At that time, I never knew we could become this close you know.
Talking about you,leaving, makes me realize that EVENTUALLY everyone will go. We will be miles apart, in different countries. yes you, Sherlie and Ching Ching,those who are the closest to me in school, those who I always see in every morning assembly, those who I always ate lunch with, we will be drifting apart.
I knew, this time will come, but I never thought it could be this quick.
Remember our Biology class with Jiyoung, Dasomm, Cindy and Yescynta? where there is no teacher and we used to laugh and having fun. Remember when we discuss about 'kandang sapi' near Cindy's house? Turns out, I was wrong and you are right. But I was too embarassed to tell you. heheheheheh Remember in ICT class I sat next to you? hahah it was so funny because every practical test I was always disturbed you to tell me how to do it, and I know it upsets you. Remember,you and Sherlie have this running competition on soccer field? hahahahahhaha oh! and remember when we skipped Biology class and got caught by a teacher we thought was Ms. Angie?
Memories... you know. These were only small part of my memories with you.
Some of them are good, some are bad, but they are great.
And dear christine, let me say thank you.
Thank you for being a great friend, thank you for being there when I need someone to talk to, thank you for always willingly help me, thank you for gave me these beautiful memories, thank you for all those 'rides', thank you chris, thank you so much.
But despite of how sad I am now, I will be happy for you. I know you, leaving, can make you one step closer to what you want to do in your life.
Please take care yourself for me. I don't wanna see you sick. Please eat and sleep well, I'm scared you will study too hard and won't eat. Please don't change, and still be you. A cold christine. Please?
You are such a great person, cebski. I wish nothing but the best for you.

Au revoir.